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Kickstarter is an amazing platform that allows creatives, to pursue their passions and create amazing things. As a first time creator, it can be very difficult to move the needle and get the early momentum you need to succeed. That's why I've put together this page in order to organize our efforts for a relaunch. In just under a week, Ark Worlds had amassed some form of interest from over 650 people just like you (more than enough to fund). The problem? Most of them didn't know about each other, they were all the iceberg waiting to see what happened next. Don't be the iceberg any longer my friends, be an iceman. A super hero that shows their support for great, indie games. Sign up today!


Ark Worlds is a strategy card game for 2 or 4 players. Inspired by games the like of Overwatch, League of Legend, and Paragon, Ark Worlds has you selecting 6 heroes from a selection of fighters, tanks, casters, supports and healers to do battle. Efficient use of abilities and team composition will be strong factors in play. With hundreds of thousands of possible team compositions, You'll be able to get many hours of play out of one small box


While there is a degree of luck in Ark Worlds, skill and learning play the biggest part. Ark Worlds is built around a core set of mechanics that are very easy to pick up, but learning to apply those mechanics will be the challenge. A player may have trouble with a tough opposing team only to find that switching out one character was all that was needed to bring balance to their team and plug a critical weakness. With each play, you will find opportunity to learn the subtle details of the game. Are you up to the challenge?


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