Ark Worlds is a strategy card game for 2 or 4 players. Inspired by games the like of Overwatch, League of Legend, and Paragon, Ark World has you selecting 6 heroes from a selection of fighters, tanks, casters, supports and healers to do battle.  Efficient use of abilities and team composition will be strong factors in play. With hundreds of thousands of possible team compositions, You'll be able to get many hours of play out of one small box.  


While there is a degree of luck in Ark Worlds, skill and learning play the biggest part. Ark Worlds is built around a core set of mechanics that are very easy to pick up, but learning to apply those mechanics will be the challenge. A player may have trouble with a tough opposing team only to find that switching out one character was all that was needed to bring balance to their team and plug a critical weakness.  With each play, characters will find opportunity to learn the mean subtle details of the game. Are you up to the challenge?


If you're a fan of a dense world filled with interesting characters, Ark World has you covered as well.  Follow dozens of characters across 4 unique worlds through  branching main plots and sub plots.  Characters all have motivations, desires, and histories beyond "dude with a sword who fights good" Characters in Ark World will grow and evolve over time as they learn to harness their true powers.


Explore four different worlds that have all been twisted by Ark Light in different ways, drastically altering the evolution of their world histories.  Witness the historic clash as these worlds all collide due to a power, the nature of which none fully understand.  In all of their worlds, they have learned to use Ark Light, but have any of them truely learned to control it yet?



Salt is a medium weight 4x game set in an alternate reality Wild West world. A 4x is a classic style of game where you will take a small force and then explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. In this take on the classic genre, you will take controls of one of five unique outlaw gangs, exploring the New Land scavenging for resources, gathering, collecting, and raiding other players. Beware, the world of Salt can be tough at times, and the winters tougher.  In a world like this, it's the simplest resources that can be the most important. You will have to play tactically and intelligently to be the one with the most salt by the end.  


Salt uses few resources and a card driven mechanic making it easier for new players to enjoy this normally daunting genre. For the veterans players out there, don't worry, there's plenty of crunchy depth hidden in the mechanics if you work for it.  Salt provides several paths to victory to suit different play style.  Asymmetric abilities and multiple upgrade paths provide longevity and replay. The Wall of Legends allows you to keep track of landmark achievements over repeated play sessions for bragging rights. Can you be the first in your group to win with all five factions?